Local Farms

Righteous Rebels Farms

Righteous Rebels Farms is a 30-acre farmstead located next to the Macon County Airport. With one acre dedicated to vegetable production, they are able to produce a wide variety of crops using organic methods and techniques pioneered by Elliot Coleman with little to no tillage. The Farm also has 20 acres of pasture where they raise pastured poultry and beef. They have adopted the techniques used by Joel Salatin at Polyface Farm to raise and care for their livestock. Righteous Rebels Farms is not certified organic but is committed to only applying organic practices to all that they do in raising livestock and vegetables. They are open to the public and encourage people to visit and learn more about where their food comes from.

Little Cove Bread

Little Cove Bread is an artisan bread bakery located in downtown Sylva, NC that's dedicated to producing Italian style bread and baked goods. Founded in 2021, our goal is to make straightforward and delicious old-world bread that isn't too fussy and can be enjoyed by anyone, using the very best ingredients we can find and a process that doesn't take any shortcuts. All of our dough is cold-fermented for over 18 hours to develop depth of flavor, and we work closely with our suppliers to bring in the highest quality Italian flour, extra virgin olive oil and other ingredients for our products. If you taste our bread and say "That's good bread!", that's all we need to know that we're doing what we set out to do. Little Cove Bread Bakery, 646 W. Main St. Sylva, NC.

Town Mountain Farm

Town Mountain Farm is a small farm located in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Hayesville North Carolina. Growing our own food and having a small herd of Nigerian Dwarf and Nubian Dairy goats. We milk twice a day to ensure that only the freshest quality goes into Handmade Goat cheese, soaps and lotions. We Love what we do and are blessed, so we want to pass our passion onto you.

Spelling Tuesday Farm

Spelling Tuesday Farm was born in 2011, when Sid and Theresa Stenersen moved back from Norway to Theresa's family farm in Franklin. A few chickens here, a few sheep there has become quite a few chickens and a small sustainable flock of hearty Icelandic sheep that are growing and thriving on the mountainside.

The Icelandic breed is considered a mountain breed, and historically mountain breeds have been milder in flavor and leaner than the lowland breeds. The meat is indeed very tender with a mild flavor, and is generally described as gourmet meat. Icelandic lamb appeals to the palate of even those consumers who avow they "just don't like lamb.”

Granville’s Garden

Named after Mark's grandfather, Granville's Garden is a small 1/3 acre farm where Mark & Cherry practice growing organically, yet economically. Producing healthy food is a passion for them.

They have two large greenhouses; one is 84'x27', the other 76'x30'. Combined, there are 30 raised beds. This allows them to grow all the year 'round. They're also very efficient in utilizing their space, growing a lot of food for such a small farm.

Brothers Honey

Locally based in Bryson City NC, we have local raw organic honey, both Wildflower and Sourwood. We sell sizes in gallons, quarts, 2lb. plastic squeeze bottles, 2lb. glass bottles, Pints, 1lb. squeeze bottles, 1 lb. glass bottles, 12 oz. honey bears and 2 oz. honey bears. We also sell Quarts and Pints with Honeycomb included, as well as beeswax candles and organic homemade soap.

Brasstown Beef

Extraordinary Care = Extraordinary Beef : Brasstown Beef is simply the best beef you'll ever taste! We've been called the gold standard of All Natural, Pastured Centered, Award winning beef. The consistency in flavor and tenderness of our beef is a result from humane treatment in a sustainable environment, which is the bedrock of who we are and how we operate. The Whitmire Family has been farming this hill country since the late 1700's. Our family farm in Brasstown, NC has worked for decades to ensure that we are providing Americas Best Beef, and we're proud of the simple, pure goodness we serve to our people!

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